"Kleen N Brite"

Specially formulated for:

* Stainless steel     * Porcelain     * Brass     * Copper    

* Aluminum     * Non-chlorinated     * Non-abrasive

For Use On:

* Kitchen appliances     * Washroom Fixtures     * Decorative metal

* Elevator doors     * Kitchen hoods & grills     * Water fountains

Davies “Kleen-N-Brite” is specially formulated to quickly clean and polish with ease. Quickly restores luster to all metals, and is unexcelled for: stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and porcelain. Just apply liberal amount on surface and wipe clean; rinse with tap water. Guaranteed to effectively remove tarnish oxidation, fingerprints, water and soap stains. Removes scale, rust, calcium deposits and other discolorations from shower stalls, wash basins, drinking fountains, toilet bowls, urinals, swim pool surface.

For use on stainless steel: Apply with sprayer or saturated cloth and rinse with clean water, may be used full strength or diluted with 4 parts water.


Urinals: Flush urinal, apply cleaner with swab and rub away all discoloration and stains. Too remove odor in trap, pour 4 to 5 oz. Into trap, and let it stand to remove all scale bearing odors.

Bathroom Cleaner: For daily cleaning of bathtubs, washbasins, shower stalls. Dilute cleaner with 5 parts tap water. Rinse thoroughly with water.

IMPORTANT: Rinse all surfaces with tap water after cleaning. Do not use on marble or terrazzo.

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