"Odor Ban 100"

You can IMMEDIATELY ELIMINATE all offensive odors!!

No need for high priced equipment or aerosols. Absolutely safe to use in any area. Cuts your cost in clean air maintenance 80%. You “wash” the air free from odors and in addition, the product has certain residual abilities that can continue for several days

Actually everywhere you find the need to remove offensive odors including cigarette and cigar smells! “Odor-Ban” No. 100 is the new, effective method to maintain the fresh clean smell in every area of any business establishment. You do it without any masking agents or harmful propellants used in aerosols. It’s simple to apply and absolutely safe in any area!

Here is all you have to do: 
(1) Weekly application into air conditioning or heating systems.
(2) Spray filters, flues, vents and drapes – where odors accumulate or grow.
(3) Use in mopping when cleaning floors or directly in shampoo when cleaning rugs.
(4) Spray the object or area where offensive odors exist.

Will remove the superficial and entrenched odors in:

Offices ~ Hotels & Motels ~ Hospitals ~ Nursing Homes ~ Industrial Plants ~ Banks 

Country Clubs ~ Retail Stores ~ Restaurants ~ Funeral Homes ~ Schools ~ Churches ~ Show Rooms

Airlines ~ Bowling Alleys ~ Laboratories ~ Terminals ~ Waiting Rooms ~ Lobbies ~ Rest Rooms

Sewerage ~ Laundries ~ Doctors & Dentists ~ Farms ~ Stables ~ Veterinarian Hospitals ~ Pet Supply Stores

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