“SUDSEE” is non-ionic hand dishwash detergent for use in areas that have extremely hard water (12 grains or more). It is excellent for hand dishwashing jobs requiring rapid removal of greases and simultaneously given a complete sheet flow rinse… it is odor-less, easy on the hands, and is equally effective in cold, hard or soft water… it does not contain any true soap that could cause water spots and specs on dishes in hard water. The grease cutting power is exceptionally good, but not quite as good as our product, “GREEN-MAGIC”. However, “GREEN-MAGIC” does not perform as well in hard water over 12 grains hard.

For water less than 12 grains hard, we recommend “GREEN-MAGIC” in hand dish-washing soap as it gives slightly better grease cutting power. When water is over 12 grains hard, we recommend “SUDSEE”.

“SUDSEE” contains no harsh alkalies, thus, is extremely easy on hands. It is equally effective for cleaning pots as well as cleaning dishes.

Recommended starting usage for “SUDSEE” is 1 oz. per gallon of water, adjusting the usage from this point to fit the particular soil load. For extremely hard water, usage would need to be slightly higher.

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