"Top Gun"

Premium Hangar Floor Cleaner

Top Gun
  • Compounded specially for hangar floors
  • Ideal for aircraft soils
  • Highly concentrated cleaning power
  • Safe on commercial floor coatings
  • Easy to use, dual-purpose cleaner
  • Pleasant tropical fragrance

Davies “Top Gun” is the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to cleaning Aircraft hangar floors. A special detergent is compounded into this highly built and buffered chemical system to remove tenacious soils associated with aircraft storage and maintenance. “Top Gun” is highly concentrated, and very cost effective for use. As a value-added benefit, cleaned floors are left with a pleasant, tropical aroma, which leads to thoughts about vacation in lands far away often associated with aircraft flight.

Use “Top Gun” in smaller dilution ratios as a mild hanger floor cleaner and in stronger dilutions ratios for removing tar, scuff marks, oil and grease from heavily soiled floors in the aircraft work areas.

“Top Gun” not only cleans beyond expectations but also attacks unpleasant odors that form in floor drains eliminating the need for routine cleaning of the drain itself.


“Top Gun” is a cleaner-concentrate, and can be diluted up to 1% (or 1 oz per gallon of water). Use slightly stronger solution for heavily soiled areas. Any conventional cleaning process can be used with “Top Gun”, including pressure washing, automatic floor scrubbing, and mop & bucket. Strong cleaning solutions of “Top Gun” should be water rinsed, but with maintenance cleaning, rinsing is not required.

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