• Meets DTD 406B British Specifications
  • Approved by Raytheon Aircraft Corp.
  • Approved by British Aerospace Inc. Aircraft
  • Approved by Cirrus Design
  • Designed for internal wing tail & propeller de-icing
  • Controlled viscosity for dispensing at varied temperatures

Davies “TKS-FLUID” meets the rigid DTD 406-B British specification for wing, tail and propeller de-icing systems. “TKS-FLUID” is used in Raytheon aircraft, Hawker, Dehaviland, Cirrus Design’s SR-22, (and others) with the TKS de-icing system. Special holding tanks in the plane store the fluid, which is pumped to leading wing edges, etc., when needed, to melt away ice. “TKS-FLUID” is a specified mixture of chemicals, compounded and tested within tight tolerance to enable effectiveness, stability and ease of use.

British Aerospace, Inc. manufactures Hawker Sidley aircraft, which use “TKS-FLUID”. There are many Hawker Sidley airplanes flying in the United States with Davies,”TKS-FLUID” also Cirrus Design’s SR-22 uses Davies “TKS-FLUID” Raytheon Aircraft Corp. also uses “TKS-FLUID”.


“TKS-FLUID” can be easily field tested for contaminates (due to open drums, dirty pumps, etc.) with: Conductivity Meter, Hydrometer, Thermometer, and a Hydrometer Cylinder, which are all available upon request. Conductivity of “TKS-FLUID” must be less than 10 microho/cm, and specific gravity at ambient temperature must be in the range of 1.090 – 1.120.

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