Aircraft Landing Gear Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant

Keep a can of "Strut-Guard" and paper-towel with you for use every time before you fuel!
  • Cleans & restores original brightness
  • Contains no harsh abrasives or acids
  • Quick application
  • LKeaves a lubricating coating

Davies “Strut-Guard” is specially designed and formulated to quickly and easily remove oils, greases, and accumulated dust and dirt from landing gear struts. “Strut-Guard” cleans and restores the original brightness to a variety of metals without the danger or hassle of any harsh abrasives or messy creams, and leaves behind a lubricated coating.

Proper maintenance of your aircrafts struts will help to protect the O-ring, thus extending the life of these parts. Proper care will help you save money on your scheduled landing gear maintenance, and keep your landing gear looking firstrate between mandatory check-ups. Use “Strut-Guard” every time before you fuel!