"Aero-Drip Pads"

Aero-Drip Pads

“Aero-Drip Pads” offer the opportunity to maintain clean and stain free hanger floors, while minimizing clean up time.

“Aero-Drip Pads” offer the peace of mind, knowing that any accidental slips and resulting injuries will be prevented.

“Aero-Drip Pads” when used and disposed of in proper garbage containers reduce the risk of fire in the hanger or at any workstation.

“Aero-Drip Pads” can also be used to absorb oil and fuel drippings after they have come in contact with the hanger floor.

“Aero-Drip Pads” can be used at workstations to maintain clean work areas and minimize clean up time.

“Aero-Drip Pads” Only absorb oil and fuel drippings, will not absorb water. Can be used inside on hanger floors or at workstations or outside on any surface (concrete, asphalt, gravel, or dirt and grass areas). When used on ground surfaces they eliminate any ground.

“Aero-Drip Pads” measure 19" x 16.5" and come packaged in 5, 25, or 100 pads per box.