"Aero-Kleen #400"

D.O.T. Aircraft Detergent

Aero-Kleen #400
  • U.S. Patent 4264479
  • Canadian Patent 1099609
  • Certified by Scientific Material International to meet specifications of Boeing and Aerospace Material AMS

The only aircraft detergent with - - POSITIVE EMULSION- - an emulsion so strong, oil will not redeposit (will not settle out on the surface before the job is finished) thus leaving a dull finish after washing. Cuts through exterior grime without dulling the finish. The patented technology of Davies “AERO-KLEEN #400” brings new efficiency and economy to the cleaning of aircraft, buses, trains and other fleet vehicles where thorough maintenance is critical to safety and performance. It truly does a SUPERIOR CLEANING JOB!!

  • Safe, at any use dilution, for exposed aluminum alloys, Lexan, Plexiglas, enameled and lacquered surfaces, etc.
  • Formulated for quick, easy and effective application with all kinds of automatic washing apparatus, tunnel washes, portable spray units, etc.
  • Produces good, strong detergency with free rinsability of all soil.
  • Recommended by the Aviation Consumer, an independent report to pilots and aircraft owners.
  • Specified for over 70% of all aircraft exterior cleaning performed by Air Canada.

Tested and Approved under specifications:

  • McDonald-Douglas CSD #1 Type 1
  • Boeing D6-17487
  • Aerospace Material AMS 1526
  • U.S.A.F. MIL-C-25769J


Mix up to 20 parts water- adjust to stronger solution for heavier soil loads. Apply with portable sprayer- mops or soft brushes - - after agitation rinse with pressured water. After cleaning solution from bottom to top and rinse from top to bottom.

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