“Aero-Wipes” are packaged in a convenient flat pack, 1000 wipers per pack.

“Aero-Wipes” are STRONG, even when wet, yet they have the bulky, soft feel of cloth. They “hang” in your back pocket just like a rental shop towel.

“Aero-Wipes” are the opportunity to replace rental cloth shop towels….

“Aero-Wipes” have the same features that make rental shop towels one of the top 3 kinds of wipers used today, along with rags and disposables.

“Aero-Wipes” are made of low-lint, hydro-entangled, polyester-cellulose material that gives excellent absorption rate and capacities, with unbelievable strength.

“Aero-Wipes” are chemically resistant, extra strong, washable and nearly Indestructible. Great for water, solvents, grease and oil.