"Safe-Melt Liquid"

Safe-Melt Liquid
  • Fast ice melting action
  • Non-corrosive formulation
  • Safe on environment
  • Effective at low temperatures
  • Contains no glycols
  • Meets AMS 1435 specs and is FAA approved

Davies “SAFE-MELT” LIQUID represents all of the best technology in runway deicing. “SAFE-MELT” LIQUID features fast ice melting action, even at very low temperatures (-20° F). This product is a non-corrosive, safe on the environment, and complies with ASME 1435 and FAA specs. “SAFE-MELT” LIQUID contains no glycol, therefore is less slippery than glycol based runway deicers. This product is ideal to keep runways and taxiways clean and safe without harming the environment. “SAFE-MELT” LIQUID is highly effective as both a deicer, as well as anti-icing compound. Additional environment properties of concern are, “SAFE-MELT” GRANULAR has a safer, lower Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) than urea based runway deicers, and biodegrades at both warmer and lower temperatures.

Storm-water pollution and attention is receiving ever-increasing focus. With its low BOD and ability to biodegrade at lower temperatures, “SAFE-MELT” LIQUID use helps meet storm-water runoff pollution limits. The EPA has recently suggested to airports to evaluate this new generation of runway deicers in place of glycols and urea.


Davies “SAFE-MELT” LIQUID can be used as an anti-icing agent (preventing ice formation) as well as a deicer (removal of existing ice).


“SAFE-MELT” LIQUID is an effective deicer when applied in a banded pattern to penetrate pavement surface and break the bond of snow and ice. The amount of deicer needed varies with temperature and thickness of ice and snow. For deicing near 32°F., on thin ice use 1 gal. Per 1000 sq. ft. For temperatures less than 10°F., on 1” ice use 3 gal. Per 1000 sq. ft.


“SAFE-MELT” is most effective when applied evenly before freezing. Use ½ gal. Per 1000 sq. ft. Prompt mechanical removal of snow and ice is necessary to reduce fluid dilution. Repeat application as necessary.