Aircraft Cleaner & Polish

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Shines and protects
  • Safe on all surfaces

Davies “Speed-Wax” is ideal for the professional aircraft maintenance person or co-pilot who are short on time. As the name states, this product goes on and comes off at close to mach speed, leaving a showroom finish. “Speed-Wax” simply wipes on and off, no oscillating applicator or water is needed. It is perfect for those “on the road” applications when a quick shine is needed to remove rain or dew water spots.

“Speed-Wax” will remove pollution or exhaust stains, is safe on emron and aluma-grip paints, and will not harm glass or plastic. The thin polish left behind not only keeps your aircraft looking new, but also protects the paint. DuPont “Teflon” is added for enhanced durability during all weather and flying conditions.