"Aero-Tech Wipes"


Aero-Tech Wipes
  • Special non-scratch composition
  • Highly moisture absorbent
  • Ideal for windscreen cleaning
  • For aircraft exterior and interior
  • Durable and long lasting

Davies “AERO-TECH WIPES” blends the micro-fiber cloth technology, with the special needs of the aircraft cleaning industry. Select synthetic materials are microprocessed, into durable fibers, re-combined into a strong, durable, non-scratch fabric. This specialty process supplies “AERO-TECH WIPES” with the non-scratch features process, provides outstanding dirt lifting and entrapment properties and also the wet or dry use options.

“AERO-TECH WIPES” are made in the handy 16” by 16” size, and are available individually or bulk packaged in 12, 60 or 204 quantities. It is recommended that 2 “wipes” be used per aircraft; one for the interior and one for the exterior.