Swim Pool Chlorine Stabilizer & Conditioner

Two bottles of Davies "Sun-Screen"

DAVIES "SUN-SCREEN" is a 100% active chlorine stabilizer and conditioner for swim pools. DAVIES "SUN-SCREEN" prevents sunlight from removing chlorine from pool water, thus saving chlorine and enabling it to clean and sanitize more effectively.  Once DAVIES "SUN-SCREEN" is added to the pool, it is not consumed or used up and is lost only with splash-out, filter backwash, and when the pool is drained.  A stabilizer test kit is used to monitor concentration, with 30-60 ppm recommended.  Too great of treatment, 100 ppm or more, will lead to over stabilized chlorine, making the chlorine ineffective and probably causing cloudiness in the pool.


For fresh water, add 4 lbs. DAVIES "SUN-SCREEN" per 10,000 gal. of pool water.  Add to a bucket of warm water, mix into a slurry, and add directly to the skimmer.  DAVIES "SUN-SCREEN" dissolves very slowly, so do not backwash filter for two days after treatment.  To determine pool capacity in gallons, calculate the volume in cubic feet (length x width x average depth) and multiply by 7.5.

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