Filter Powder


"Super-Flo" is one of the very highest quality filter powders on the present day market. It will give you "sharp" filtration that removes all thermophiles and unwanted solids. The unmatched purity of "Super-Flo" results in a lower net density, providing greater surface coverage . . . users report substantial filtration economy.

"Super-Flo" Filter Powder is a specially process grade of diatomaceous earth designed for top filtration efficiency.


  1. Gives longer filter cycles at lower pressures.
  2. Accommodates heavy soil loads such as occur in any industrial application.
  3. Back washes more rapidly with minimum backwash.
  4. Lowers maintenance cost.

What is "Super-Flo"? "Super-Flo" is a white, tasteless, odorless, chalk-like amorphous silica, commonly called diatomaceous earth. The material, of course is composed of countless billions of microscopically small single cell water life skeletons which seem to have flourished in great abundance 15 million years ago in tremendous lakes that covered what is now the states of Nevada, Idaho, California, Washington and Montana. When the water receded, huge deposits of diatomite were formed. The diatomite is mines and processed in huge ovens and screened for size. The main variable in quality is in the heat process and screen process. In processing "Super-Flo" there are no short cuts. It is process for top quality and must pass rigid quality control tests. "Super-Flo" diatomaceous earth has natural filtration properties because it forms a porous filter bed or cake which is non-compressible; and owing to the inherent diatom structure, soils and dirt particles will not pass through the filter bed or more often referred to as a filter cake. "Super-Flo" Filter Powder is so exceptionally pure that it is used for filtering many food products and drug products ranging from sugar to penicillin. Restaurant and cafeterias use "Super-Flo" to filter their greases. "Super-Flo" is also unexcelled when used in swim pool filters. This same high performance of "Super-Flo" Filter Powder makes it correspondingly desired for industrial use where long filtration cycles and low operational cost are virtually necessary.

How does "Super-Flo" remove suspended solids from a liquid? "Super-Flo" is first deposited on the filter screen or cloth by circulating the liquid to form a filter cake which is the true filtering surface. The suspended solids are trapped in this porous filter cake with the aid of the diatomite which catches the soil.

How to use "Super-Flo" In recent years the recommended amount of diatomite for pre-casting a filter was 10 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. of filter area. However, with filters becoming larger and more complicated, it is difficult to have a pattern of internal flow so good that the filter aid will be deposited evenly on the filter surface. All filtration engineers do recommend 10 to 20 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. in order to have the filter powder properly distributed over all the elements. 10 lbs. of "Super-Flo" per 100 sq. ft. of filter area will give a pre-coat thickness of approximately 1/16" . . . the use of extra filter powder on pre-coat will help keep the filter elements cleaner for longer periods of time.

For Pools

Super-Flo products.


Your swimming pool, while it can be a source of great pleasure, has a need for a special kind of attention to keep it clean.  Swimmers, drifting dirt, insect and other debris contaminate the water.  A specially designed filter is required to 'strain' the dirt out of the water, as it circulates from pool-to-filter-to-pool.

DAVIES "SUPER-FLO" diatomite is the filtering agent recommended to do the best job. DAVIES "SUPER-FLO" is actually made up of billions of microscopic skeletons of single celled plants that lived in fresh water lakes in prehistoric times.  DAVIES "SUPER-FLO" diatoms are high purified types, amazingly uniform, fitting together precisely, creating a more efficient filter "screen".

The DAVIES "SUPER-FLO" diatomite forms a cake on the cloth surface of the discs in your filter.  High pressure forces the water through the discs and back into your pool, cleaner than the water you drink!