Swim Pool Filter Cleaner

A bottle of Filter-Kleen.

DAVIES "FILTER-KLEEN #200" is a high strength cleaner designed to clean swim pool filters and components.

DAVIES "FILTER-KLEEN #200" treatment is like a filter "tune-up", maintaining proper filtration.  The compounded cleaners are tough on mineral deposits, but easy on filter components.  DAVIES "FILTER-KLEEN #200" is ideal for both sand and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters.


Soak DE Filter fabrics in a solution of 1 part DAVIES "FILTER-KLEEN #200" with 4 parts warm water and agitate slightly.  When cleaned, thoroughly rinse off with water.  For sand filters, dilute 1:10 with warm water and add directly to filter.  Allow to work 1-4 hours, depending on mineral severity and drain.  Do not let cleaner solution enter the pool.  Rinse filter thoroughly prior to returning to filter operation.