"Easy Stripe"

Marking Paint for Parking Lots, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, & More

Easy Stripe
  • Environmentally Formulated
  • Water-based
  • V.O.C. Compliant
  • No Bleed-Through
  • Quick & Easy Application
  • Available in White or Yellow

Davies “Easy Stripe” is an efficient, high solids, long lasting, inverted spray paint.  It is water-based, making the painted lines traffic ready in 30 minutes!  Engineered for quick and easy application on concrete, blacktop and most other surfaces.  It eliminates asphalt bleed-through and is ideal for parking lots, playgrounds, driveways and tennis courts.  Each can contains enough paint to apply approximately 250 linear feet of striping.

Easy Stripe Wand

Davies “Easy Stripe Wand” is a compact, lightweight tool designed for use with our “Easy Stripe” marking paints.  It is easy to use and extremely durable.  It applies a crisp, even 2” to 4” stripe every time.  Perfect for marking curbs or when using stencils.