"Root B Gone"


The “ROOT-B-GONE” formula has been the standard of the sewer industry for forty years to remove roots in sewer lines. Periodic treatment will maintain good flow throughout root-problem sewer lines. “ROOT-B-GONE” is also effectively used in controlling algae growth in ponds, at an economical price. Tree roots in search of moisture penetrating small cracks cause blockage of sewer pipe. These tiny root hairs, if not controlled, grow and multiply and can stop flow. It is important that treatment be made while some flow exists; otherwise treatment will not be effective. If there is blockage, the pipe must be first opened up with rod or auger to allow “ROOT-B-GONE” to work. As the sewer is treated,  “ROOT-B-GONE” will accumulate on the root mass and result in the death of the root hairs and small roots. As they decay, flow rate will increase. Large roots may not be killed, or may die slowly. However, with biannual treatment, new roots will be discouraged from sewer penetration. Treatments are made in the spring and early fall and when sewer flow is reduced.

Lab studies have shown that 2-6 lb. dosages of  “ROOT-B-GONE” per 300- gallon septic tank, did not affect bacterial action longer than 15 days. Trees and shrubs with roots in sewer line treated with “ROOT-B-GONE” will not generally be killed, as only a small portion of the roots are in contact with “ROOT-B-GONE” treatment, and only small quantities are absorbed into the plant.


“ROOT-B-GONE” effectively controls many types of green and blue algae. However, some fish species are sensitive to this treatment. Before application, consult the state fish and game agency regarding your fish in your type of water.

In average hard water, use O.32-0.88lbs. of “ROOT-B-GONE”  per acre foot of water. An acre-foot is the surface area in acres multiplied by the average depth in feet. Pre-dissolving in water and spraying onto the pond surface, or by placing the proper dosage in a burlap bag and dragging in the water by a boat travelling around the pond make treatment. If the entire body of water is algae infested, treat only 1/3 to 1/2 of the area per treatment, and wait 14 days between treatments.

Fish death is not only caused by sensitivity to “ROOT-B-GONE” over-treatment, but also by drowning, where the dead algae clog the fish gills, preventing respiration. Also, uneven distribution of  “ROOT-B-GONE” can cause fatal high levels of  “ROOT-B-GONE”

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