"Aqua Blue"

Bluing Agent for Ponds

Inhibits Aquatic Weeds and Algae Growth

Beautifully designed ponds shining with a blue glow thanks to Davies "Aqua Blue".
  • Beautifies ponds with a decorative aqua blue color
  • Blocks sunlight to aquatic weeds and algae
  • Does not affect swimmers nor fish
  • Treated water can be used for crop irrigation

Davies “AQUA BLUE” offers effective pondweed control without the detriment of harm to fish, swimmers or irrigation crops. Treated ponds take on an attractive aqua blue color, which blocks sunlight from undesirable aquatic plant life, controlling growth. The treated water does not affect swimmers, fish nor crop irrigation.


Apply 1 oz. “AQUA BLUE” per 1000 gallons of water, and circulate as necessary for even distribution. Capacity in gallons is computed length (ft.) x width (ft.) x average depth (ft.) x 7.5. Larger ponds would require addition of “AQUA BLUE” at several locations, to aid even distribution.

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