No. 236

All Purpose Spray Adjuvant 

Davies ‘Agri-Wet’  is an all purpose agricultural spreader-penetrant, and has many applications. For agricultural use, it is used as an irrigation aid and dispersant for herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. By increasing wetting action, ‘Agri-Wet’ actually improves pesticide performance by giving better distribution on the plant surface, and better soil penetration. When used as irrigation aid, treated spray penetrates deeper and more evenly in difficult, hard pan soil. ‘Agri-Wet’ is also used as a soil on golf courses. This use allows for desired deep soil wetting, encouraging deep root growth for healthy greens. Golf course use also assists fast dew run off and ground absorption, which is highly desired for heavily used golf courses 


Herbicide, use 1 pint per acre, or 1 pint per 15-40 gal. of water, depending on herbicide and application.

Insecticide and Fungicide – Use 1 pint per 100 gal. of solution

Irrigation aid, use 1 pint per 20-100 gal. of water per acre depending on soil condition.

Golf Courses – Use 1 pint per 1000 square feet of turf with sufficient water (10 gal. minimum)

When diluting ‘Agri-Wet’  always add to water with good mixing, prior to pesticide.