"Davies Ice Blast"


  • Ice melting compound melts ice and snow FAST!
  • Makes winter walking safe!
  • Quick acting, safe, and clean!

Super Fast Acting - Provides heat as it dissolves for speedy ice removal, within 7-12 minutes!

No white residue to leave unsightly tracks on floors, carpet, etc...

Keep your feet on the ground with “Davies Ice Blast”, a proven ice and snow remover.  A favorite for years - and a must for walks, driveways, ramps, and stairways - “Davies Ice Blast” even gives traction under car and truck wheels.  It reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

“Davies Ice Blast” represents the standard for snow and ice removal.  “Davies Ice Blast” dissolves ice rapidly at subzero weather.  “Davies Ice Blast” is much more efficient than rock salt, and it is much safer to use.  Rock salt is corrosive to concrete and asphalt, it also causes pitting and weakens the surface.  Rock salt is also toxic to plants, and readily tracks into buildings, causing unsightly floors.  “Davies Ice Blast” exhibits none of those unwanted features, making it a better value in efficiency and safety than rock salt.

“Davies Ice Blast” is superior to rock salt and other ice melting materials in speed of ice removal and effectiveness at low temperatures.  In one study, “Davies Ice Blast” was rated effective at 59o below zero, Fahrenheit.  This was more than 57o lower than Ammonium Sulfate, the next best ice melting product.

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