Waterless Hand Cleaner with Cream Conditioners 

Fortified with Skin Conditioning Emollients

No Strong Solvents · Biodegradable · Pleasant Citrus Scent

Place small amount onto dry, dirty hands – Rub in briskly – Job completed!

The hygienic Way to clean hands after handling fish, to remove the “Fishy” smell, and leave hands clean, soft, and smelling fresh.


DO NOT wet hands with water. Apply sufficient amount of “Fish-B-Gone” to palm of hand. Rub until all affected area is covered. Work well into crevices on knuckles and fingernails. Wipe hands with a towel or rinse with water if desired  

Self-Dispensing Can Directions

  1. Take off plastic cover, lift tab and remove top of can.
  2. Push down on the inner plate to dispense desired amount of cleaner.
  3. Replace plastic cover when not in use to keep airtight. 


Biodegradable ~ No Strong Solvents ~ Leaves Hands Soft and Smooth

No Phosphates ~ Pleasantly Scented ~ Will Not Thin Out With Heat

No Abrasives ~ Contains Skin Conditioners ~ Cleans With or Without Water

Non-Caustic ~ Excellent Rinse Ability ~ Wipes Away With Towel If Desired

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