"Dr. Roberts"



  • High Foam and Lather Cleaning
  • Synergistic Mild but Effective Scrubbers
  • Pleasantly Scented
  • Special “All-Hand” Formulation 


DAVIES “DR. ROBERTS” is a premium, powdered, hand soap formulation and is designed for all hand use.  Combination scrubbers are used to aid in soil removal, but do not abrade sensitive skin.  “DR. ROBERTS” lathers easily and it’s high foam power quickly cleans away dirt and soil.  Cleaned hands are left “squeaky clean”.


“DR. ROBERTS” is used by mechanics, and other industrial workers to remove the heaviest oil and shop soil from hands.  Because of it’s gentle cleansing, it can also be used by office personnel.  Special anti-caking ingredients are used to ensure  proper dispensing through standard dispensers.  Convenient 5 lb. dispenser cartons are also available. 

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