"Big Dan"



  • USDA approved
  • Extra Heavy Duty to clean the most soiled hands
  • Ideal for removal of heavy grease and oil soils
  • Is free flowing and will not harden in dispensers
  • Contains effective high-cleansing soap and active scrubbers
  • Contains lanolin 

“BIG-DAN” mechanics powdered hand soap is designed to clean the toughest and meanest grime man can soil his hands with.  “BIG-DAN” contains pure soap to penetrate and cleanse, and highly active scrubbers to work-out stubborn dirt and grime and wash it away.  “BIG-DAN” contains no insoluble abrasives and will not clog sinks or drains.  “BIG-DAN” is ideal for a multitude of cleaning instances, wherever heavy hand soil is to be cleaned.  A special grade of lanolin is built in to help soothe hands.

Used by:

Factories ~ Filling Stations ~ Garages ~ Hospitals

Schools ~ Institutions ~ Airports ~ Railroad Yards

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