"Rust Out"

Quickly removes rust from fabric 

Rust Out
  • Fast removal of rust stains
  • Harmless to most fabrics and colors
  • Easy to use dispensing bottles
  • Economical quart bottles
  • Odorless with normal use 

Davies “Rust-Out” is tough on rust stains, but easy on fabric and color. Rust stains disappear with “Rust-Out” treatment and are flushed away. Easy to use quart bottles are equipped with a dispensing nozzle that directs the product where it’s needed. “Rust-Out” is essentially odorless, but being an acid product, it should be treated with safety precautions.

Directions for Use

Harmless to fabrics and most colors when used as directed. Always apply “Rust-Out” to the rust spot with the nozzle of the bottle. NEVER RUB IN WITH FINGERS!!! On deeply set stains, allow time for “Rust-Out” to penetrate the fibers: steam the spot with moist steam after saturating with “Rust-Out”. Rinse spot well or sponge several times with wet cloth rinsed out between sponging. Thorough rinsing is essential before ironing or allowing fabrics to dry; otherwise handling the fabric may cause burns, the stain may reappear, or fogging of nearby glass or porcelain surfaces may occur, particularly in confined areas. For wall-to-wall carpet stain removal, always use hot water extractor immediately after “Rust-Out” treatment.