"Enzo Kleen 800"

No. 800
Laundries, Rug Cleaners, and Dry Cleaners
Removes Odors and Stains from Fabric

The safe removal of stains and odor caused by soiling with feces, urine, vomitus and food, is a prime necessity in the laundry operations of all nursing homes, hospitals, childcare nurseries, restaurants and many other institutions. “Enzo-Kleen 800”is ideal in removing stains and odors from carpeting.

Some accept the practice of using very high concentrations of chlorine or other bleaching agents UNSUCCESSFULLY attempting to remove stains and soiling such as urine, feces, etc. These types of bleaches do not accomplish the desired objective. Bleaches used in heavy concentrations will cause tremendous tensile strength loss due to tenderizing effect they have on all fabrics.

“Enzo-Kleen 800”is in a separate cycle (laundry personnel call it “soak cycle”) with water level of wash machine at either medium or low level. “Enzo-Kleen 800” works directly on the soil itself and does not have any adverse reaction on the fabric. The operating water temperature in this separate cycle should be 100°F. it must NOT exceed 110°F. since “Enzo-Kleen 800”action is killed in temperatures over 110°F. The cycle time should be equal in time to a regular soap cycle.

“Enzo-Kleen” No. 800is Economical

Pour into a 35lb load approximately 2 to 4 oz depending on severity of stains before starting the separate cycle operation. When there is extra heavy soil, use a little more – approximately 8 oz per 35lb load of fabric. “Enzo-Kleen 800” will help extent the life of the fabric by reducing the use of bleaches. Carpeting and some laundry stains are sprayed with this product. In some cases, that will remove all stains and odors by it, or in extreme cases, follow by shampoo.

While “Enzo-Kleen 800” may be used in the same cycle with the detergent as long as the pH of the wash bath does not exceed 8.0 – it is not recommended for maximum effectiveness. NEVER USE “Enzo-Kleen 800” in the same cycle as the bleach since bleach will kill the enzyme action.