"Rust Away"


Rust remover concentrate  

  • Highly concentrated powder
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and complete dissolving
  • Use 1oz. Per gallon of water
  • Removes stains with soaking 

Davies Rust-Away is a highly concentrated powder product, specifically designed for removing rust stains from fabrics. As this is a powder concentrated, it is highly economical to use. There are many other applications for rust stain removal withRust-Away”.


Normal bath dilution for bulk stain removal would be 1oz. Per gal. Warm to hot water should be used to accelerate the stain removal. Following soak, the fabric should be rinsed thoroughly and laundered normally.Rust-Away can be added to the machine ‘break’ or pre-wash cycle (do not add any other chemicals in this cycle), followed by a good flush, then normal wash, rinse program. 

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