"Stain B Gone"


Stain Removal Laundry Additive 

  • Designed for automatic laundry chemicals dispensers
  • Helps clean and sparkle clothes
  • Highly concentrated
  • Economical to use
  • Helps deodorize wash
  • Bleaches and brightens 

Davies “Stain-B-Gone” offers the laundry several advantages over bleach. “Stain-B-Gone” not only whitens, but adds sparkle to colored fabrics as well. The formulation for “Stain-B-Gone” is programmed to incorporate into the automatic laundry chemical dispensing system, and to be used in conjunction with “De-Terge”, “Breakaway”, and “Soft-N-Sour”. This highly concentrated formula ensures economical usage of “Stain-B-Gone”. Deodorizing of odorous clothes and fabrics is another positive property of “Stain-B-Gone”.




A proper usage quantity of “Stain-X” is directly dependent on soil severity and type, type of fabric, required results, machine program, etc. “Stain-B-Gone” is used in the normal bleaching cycles at a suggested range of 1.5fl. Oz. Per 50lbs. Of laundry. In some instances, “Stain-B-Gone” may be added directly to a wash cycle.