"Blue Power"

Powdered Laundry Detergent

  • Internal Water Softener
  • Contains Chemical Brighteners
  • Economical To Use
  • Top Grade Washing/Low Suds 

Davies “Blue Power” is a revolutionary new laundry detergent that makes use of “CLB”.  “CLB” stands for Chemical Laundry Brightener, and insures that your whites and brights come out looking as good as new every time.  “CLB” makes use of Carboxy-methyl Cellulose.  This soil-suspending chemical prevents dirt and soil from being re-deposited while your wash cycle is running.

    The end result of “Blue Power” is laundry that looks and feels great regardless of water softness, and repeated washings can be administered with no worry of wearing out your clothes or losing the brightness of whites and colors.

DIRECTIONS: The proper amount of “Blue Power” required for good cleaning varies with washing conditions, soil loads, etc; the following are only suggestions, and can be adjusted for individual requirements.  For heavier soil loads, very hard water, or extra large loads, use more “Blue Power”.

For home laundries, use ½ cup for normal and ¾ cup for large capacity top loading automatics.  Use 1/3 cup “Blue Power” for front-loading automatics.  For large commercial machines, use 6-12 oz. per hundred pounds of laundry. 

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