"Break Away"


Liquid Laundry Break and Builder 

  • Designed for automatic dispensing
  • Performs as a break and a hard water detergent builder
  • Excellent grease cutting action
  • Highly concentrated
  • Helps make a cleaner wash
  • Economical to use 

Davies “Break-Away” offers the laundry industry a unique, high performance product, a break and builder combined. “Break-Away” can be used in the initial break cycle and can be added with the detergent as a builder in the wash cycle. Heavy-duty cleaners, water conditioners, and sequestering agents make up the fortified formula. Used in conjunction with “De-Terge”, laundry detergent in the wash cycle, “Break-Away”, deep cleans the fabric and gives excellent laundry results. Cleaning greasy and oil napkins, table cloths, coveralls, etc. is no problem for “Break-Away



A proper usage quantity of “Break-Away” is directly dependent on soil severity and type, and on water conditions. For use in the break for oily clothes, a suggested usage range is 2.5 fl. Oz. Per 50 lbs of laundry. When used in the wash wheel, usually equal amounts of “Break-Away” and “De-Terge” is dispensed. The suggested range being 3-8fl oz. Per 50lbs of laundry.