"Fabric Softener P-100"


Davies “Fabric Softener #100” is a concentrated powder that requires no mixing. It is ready to use direct from container (1/2oz per 100lbs. Of fabric).



  1. Improves comfort of the ultimate user of the fabric by making it soft, pliable and resilient.
    1. Increase patient comfort by helping to prevent bedsores and skin irritations due to contact with harsh linens.
    2. Eliminate the problems of linting
    3. Give ‘body’ and better ‘hand’ to finished garment.
    4. Improve body, thereby reducing amount of starch required. This contributes materially to comfort of persons wearing starched workclothes such as nurses’ uniforms or dress shirts.


  1. Davies “Fabric Softener #100” speeds up production at plant level:
    1. Unloading of wash wheel is easier and faster since lubricated fibers reduce friction.
    2. Treatment permits faster extraction, drying and tumbling.
    3. Allows easier handling at shake out and pressing stations by virtual eliminations of wrinkles.
    4. Eliminates many of the usual causes of rolling on flatwork ironer by reducing the formation of static electricity, by lubricating and conditioning fabric enabling it to travel smoothly through the equipment.
    5. Fabric develops greater resistance to dirt pick-up and also releases soil (even blood soaks OR linen) and stains more steadily. This often results in decreased use of supplies.


  1. Decreases explosion hazard in operating room by lowering electrostatic potential of linens because of reduced friction.


Davies “Fabric Softener #100” comes in economical powdered form. It does not have to be pre-diluted but should be added in the final operation right from the drum. Add ½ to 1 ½ oz per 100 lbs of fabric depending on whether fabric conditioning or softening is desired. (Fabric conditioning is the incorporation of sufficient coating to produce “body” on work processed through the flatwork ironer such as sheets, or the pressing department such as shirts or uniforms. Softening is the creation of ‘soft hand”, rich-feeling, billowy unpressed work such as towels and diapers.)

Classified as a cationic, the ingredients in “Fabric Softener #100” have been selected because they demonstrate better softening, superior rewetting and faster dispersibility than most competitive products. Good rewetting is especially important where water absorption of the fiber is essential such as in diapers and bath towels.

Increases Productivity

* Extractory time reduced by 20 to 30%   * Smoother speedier press lays

* Eliminates static and rolling on flat work ironer   * Minimizes lint pick-up

* Extended fabric life, nets and covers   * Better softening   * Superior Re-wetting


For starch work, add directly to the wash wheel in starch cycle – ½ oz per 100lbs. Of dry fabric.

For non starch work: add to sour cycle 1 ½ oz per 100lbs of fabric.