Water Repellent

  • “Shedz” water like a duck
  • Easy to spray apply
  • Guards against soiling
  • Ideal for tents, rain coats, umbrella, fabric, sleeping bags, carpets, home & auto upholstery sets
  • Safe for all dry cleaning fabric 

Davies “Shedz” is effective, all-purpose water proofer for many applications. This product is ideal for tents, rain coats, umbrellas, home and auto upholstery, etc. “Shedz” is compounded from a special silicone-resin blend that gives excellent water repellency, yet does not adversely affect fabric feel. “Shedz” penetrates deeply into fabric coating and protecting individual fibers. Fabric treated with “Shedz” is also protected against soiling and staining, and mildew growth.

Spray fabric in ventilated area, away from sources of ignition. Shedzis non-flammable, but because it contains solvents, it must be handled accordingly. Apply Shedz directly onto clean, dry fabric to dampen surface, but do not saturate. Allow 4-8 hours drying time to enable Shedz to fully cure for maximum water repellency.