"Wet -O-Dry"

(Rinses freely with water or solvent.)

Get rid of spots - - - Easily - - - Quickly - - - Safely 

In the dry cleaning department

Wet-O-Dry” is effective in the removal of paint, shellac, pitch, ball point pen inks, varnish, road oil, tar, lipstick, and fingernail polish in the dry-cleaning department – try “Wet-O-Dry” on your dirty hats – it will release perspiration and heavy greasy soil. “Wet-O-Dry” completely rinses out In chlorinated or petroleum solvent or it may be completely flushed out with water – and it leaves no odor.


In the laundry department

Wet-O-Dry” is a ‘well balanced’ general all around spotter. Can be used in the laundry department, as it is very active on ‘ironed-in’ stains, marking ink, grass stains, and badly stained cuffs and collars. “Wet-O-Dry” gives superior results when used before laundering. “Wet-O-Dry” makes trench coat washing a simple problem. Spot the heavily stained portion with “Wet-O-Dry”, then wash in usual manner. Excellent for removing crayon, ballpoint ink, lipstick, paints, etc.


On the dry cleaner’s spotting board

Wet-O-Dry” is economical to use, wet or dry, and is flushed out easily on the spotting board. “Wet-O-Dry” will not harm color or finish of the garment. “Wet-O-Dry” is supreme as a general all-purpose spotter. When you get started using “Wet-O-Dry” on the spotting board, you start getting real results. For paints or inks, saturate with “Wet-O-Dry” and allow to soak a few minutes before working spot or stain.


For the Food Service Department

Many restaurants have their own washing machines and “Wet-O-Dry” is used as a soak, pre-wash to remove oil stains. The soiled linens are immersed and removed, excess “Wet-O-Dry” is squeezed out and returned to the bath, and the  pre-washed linens are placed into the washer for the normal wash cycle. Used thusly, “Wet-O-Dry” offers good economy of use, and greatly improved cleaning results.