"Soft n Sour"


Liquid Fabric Softener,

Laundry Sour Combination

  • Designed for automatic laundry chemical dispensers
  • Super concentrated
  • Effectively neutralizes alkalinity remaining on clothes
  • Minimizes lint pick-up
  • Excellent softening and rewetting 

Davies “Soft-N-Sour” is a dynamic double acting product that performs all the functions of the fabric softener and of the laundry sour. “Soft-N-Sour” is designed for automatic dispensing equipment and is injected in the same manner as the softener. Because of the highly concentrated formula and its double abilities, “Soft-N-Sour” is highly economical to use. Static cling and lint are easily prevented with treated laundry being soft, pliable, and resilient. Noticeable results include faster and more complete extraction and drying, easier handling at shakeout and pressings and more smooth travel through processing equipment.




Proper usage quantities of “Soft-N-Sour” or the laundry are dependent on a multitude of factors, including water conditions, type of machine, degree of ‘softness’ designed, etc. A good starting range is ½ to 2 fl. Oz. Per 100lbs of fabric. Actual usage is best determined ‘on-site’ and is dictated by the customer’s attitude toward results and costs.