Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner


Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner
  • Non-ozone depleting: No CFC’s or HCFC’s
  • High solvency cleaning power
  • Leaves no residue, dries fast
  • Nonconductive to 25,000 volts

DAVIES ‘Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner’ is a highly effective blend of solvents that are fast drying, nonconductive and safe to use on plastics, rubber and metal. This product works quickly to remove oil, grease, dirt and grime from circuit boards, computers, magnetic tapes, printed circuits, gauges, switches and relays. Does not contain CFCs or HCFCs and is ozone safe. This product is extremely flammable and must only be used on equipment that has been de-energized. It also must be allowed to dry and fumes evacuated from equipment before re-energizing.


For electronic motors, electronic parts, refrigeration units, metal surfaces, computers, typewriters, and TV tuners. Can be used by offices, factories, machine shops, industrial plants, schools, and hospitals.


This product is extremely flammable and equipment MUST be de-energized before using. Shake well and point spray nozzle toward surface to be cleaned. Spray until saturated using a cloth or brush to loosen soil. Reapply if necessary. Allow product to dry and fumes to be completely evacuated before equipment is reenergized.