Silicone Lubricant

Makes Everything Slide and Glide Easier

  • Stops annoying squeaks
  • Stainless
  • Odorless
  • Non-flammable
  • Prolongs life of rubber
  • Clean and simple to use

“Easy-Glide” is the quick, easy way to stop annoying squeaks…to free sticking windows and drawers. One spray not only thoroughly lubricates doors, truck doors, cabinets, etc. but effectively protects against water, ice, rust and corrosion.

“Easy-Glide” is handy for those automotive needs…fan belt squeaks, metal squeaks, door and trunk lock ‘freeze-ups’. You’ll find it great, too, for ignition system…other electrical connection waterproofing.

Lubricates: Weather stripping, truck seals, window channels, doors, emergency brakes, even power windows. Prevents the freezing of door locks, truck lids, and door handles.

“Easy-Glide” works perfectly on any surface – wood, painted, plastic, metal, nylon fabrics, rubber and leather.