"Spatter-Mask" The Aerosol

Anti-Spatter Spray

Spatter-Mask The Aerosol "SPATTER-MASK", the Aerosol, features the outstanding properties of the original "SPATTER-MASK", and the convenience of aerosol packaging. The unique composition of "SPATTER-MASK", the Aerosol, is that unlike the standard aerosols on the market, no hazardous components are added. Many competitive products utilize either flammable solvents, or methylene chloride, which can form poisonous acid or phosgene gas when contacted with welding arcs. With competitor anti-spatter sprays, the welders using these products, could either light themselves or their building on fire, or breathe in very harmful, life threatening fumes. Application of "SPATTER-MASK" will not release dangerous or obnoxious fumes, and is safe for operators. Light applications of "SPATTER-MASK" prevents adhesion of weld-spatter to the workpiece, allowing easy clean-up without grinding. "SPATTER-MASK", the Aerosol is packaged in the economical 19oz. can.