"Aero Wax SF"


Aero Wax  SF
  • Special, non-silicone formulation
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Safe on automotive paints and clear coat
  • Adds 'Show Room' finish to cars

Davies “Aero Wax SF” is a breakthrough product in the automotive detailing industry. Special cleaning and polish ingredients are incorporated for a very fast and easy ‘touch-up’ for all automotive surfaces. With a light spray and fast wipe, painted surfaces are invigorated with a spectacular finish, and light soil is removed. “Aero Wax SF” can also be applied to tires, dash, trim, etc, and used as a touch-up auto dressing. Having and using “Aero Wax SF” in the showroom, adds show-class to all featured cars. A special mix of natural waxes and Teflon enable a great finish, without using any Silicones.


Apply “Aero Wax SF” to clean or lightly soiled (no abrasive soil) painted surfaces. Wipe off and buff with clean, dry, soft cloth (non-abrasive). Do not allow product to dry onto surface. Apply at temperatures above 50 F. (do not allow to freeze). “Aero Wax SF” is easily applied in easy aerosol spray.