“KARB-KLEEN” acts instantly on gum and varnish deposits, dissolving them to the bare metal. Also serves as an excellent penetrant to free hard to reach passages and sliding surfaces that are clogged or bound by gum, carbon or corrosive deposits such as carburetor, linkage, butterfly valve, automatic choke and PCV system.


With engine warm and running, remove air filter and apply “KARB-KLEEN” to free external linkages. Disconnect PCV valve from crankcase, spray “KARB-KLEEN” into PCV valve allowing the carburetor vacuum to draw cleaner through the valve and connecting hose. Continue spraying until clean. Proceed to clean choke butterfly moving it back and forth until it moves freely. Continue by cleaning choke plate and shaft and throat walls. Spray directly and continuously into throat until clean. Do not allow engine to stall during application. Do not allow spray to contact painted surfaces.