Seals and Prevents Rust Sound Deadener

  • Reduces squeaks and noises
  • Corrosion proofs rust holes, weld joints
  • Repairs hidden areas
  • Seals and prevents rust
  • Muffles sound
  • Water repellent
  • Seals out rust, road chemicals

“UNDER-KOTE” is specially formulated for application to vehicle underbodies . . . especially after minor body work.  Impervious to water, calcium chloride, salt, and road chemicals.

Prevents rust and corrosion even in rust holes, joints and hidden areas.  Firm, black film stays flexible.  No sagging, no dripping.

Won’t freeze.  Won’t harden in cold.  Abrasion resistant.  Won’t crack, won’t peel.

Reduces squeaks and noises of ducts, metal walls, metal sinks, plastic piping, and seals tree pruning wounds.