Asphalt Truck & Equipment Cleaner


  • Dissolves Asphalt on Contact!
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Cleans and Protects Shovels, Rakes & Tools
  • Simply Put, “It Works!”

DESCRIPTION: ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER is a new trend setting formulation used by state, county and city road departments to address today’s safety and environmental regulations.  ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER dissolves asphalt and road oils without the use of hazardous petroleum solvents. ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER is a thixotrophic formula allowing more hangtime which aids in its ability to dissolve the “glue molecule” which allows asphalt to adhere to equipment.

USES: Apply with a sprayer. ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER is the product of choice for removing bituminous deposits of asphalt and road oils  from cars, trucks, paving equipment, distributors, shovels, rakes and tools. ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER sprayed lightly in truck beds and onto shovels and the chutes of pothole patchers keeps the asphalt from sticking which causes time consuming delays.

LIGHT ASPHALT REMOVAL: For removal of splatters, spills and oversprays on vehicles and equipment, spray a light coating of ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER onto deposits and watch the asphalt melt away! ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER is safe on most painted surfaces, however, always test this product in an inconspicuous spot for evidence of safety on  finish. This makes ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER ideal for vehicle clean - up!! (Always prevent spraying ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER on to plexiglass or plastic parking light lenses as it will dull the finish.)

HEAVY ASPHALT REMOVAL: For removal of heavy deposits such as spray bars or distributors and under fender wells of trucks, spray ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER liberally  on to deposits and let set for  5-10 minutes then pressure wash or steam clean deposits away.