Concentrated Water Soluble Parting Compound 

  • No Solvent Action
  • Uniform Quality
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Biodegradable
  • Low Toxicity
  • Easy to Handle and Apply
  • Readily Available 

Davies ‘Kot-O-Lube’ is a highly concentrated (100% active) water-soluble parting compound. It is used for coating concrete forms for smooth release of concrete. It is also used for coating concrete trucks to prevent cement from adhering to the truck. Trucks used hauling asphalt road mixes use ‘Kot-O-Lube’ to release the mix from truck beds and other metallic surfaces. This single ‘easy-to-apply’ product effectively replaces petroleum distillates, dusty powders and other less effective and potentially hazardous materials. In order to have ‘Kot-O-Lube’ perform at its peak efficiency, it is essential that all traces of previously used parting compound be removed. Davies ‘Kot-O-Lube’ is an excellent cleaner in its own right. Diluted solutions of 1% or 2% can be used in the clean-up step and as an added bonus in any other clean-up operation on the job site.

Davies ‘Kot-O-Lube’ is used for any and all job site clean up in diluted solutions (1% or 2%), releasing concrete from metal and wood forms, releasing asphalt road mixes from truck beds and equipment.