• Ready to use oil modified urethane
  •  Super Gloss finish - Dries to a hard hi-gloss finish which will not dull, fade or yellow with age
  • Mar resistant – eliminates black marking problems
  • Amazing impact resistance – withstands abrasives, truck traffic and resists chipping from steel wheels
  • Easy maintenance care – dirt, oil, lint and most soils cannot cling to the smooth surface and remove easily
  • Easy application – no special equipment is required 

Sealer Coat – Approximately 400-500 sq. ft. per gal.
Finish Coat  – Approximately 450-550 sq. ft. per gal. 

“Hard–Kote”gives your concrete floors the tough treatment they need plus longer life.  It is an outstanding hi-gloss floor sealer of extreme toughness and durability. With “Hard–Kote”, your floor can withstand the heavy traffic of machinery and everyday abuse floors are subject to. No longer will black marks, spillage, dirt, chemical or grease create a serious maintenance problem. “Hard–Kote” can be applied to old or new floors, leaving a smooth hard surface. This sealer and finish dries hard in 24 hours and is ready for use. “Hard–Kote” offers the outstanding wear and protection features of urethane, yet is easy to use. Concrete floors must be thoroughly cleaned with DAVIES “DC-99”, followed by neutralizing and etching with DAVIES “Con-Etch”. Allow floor to dry thoroughly before applying, and check for dryness with plastic sheet taped to floor. Apply two coats at the rate of approximately 300-500 sq. ft per gallon. For best results, reduce first coat with 1 quart of mineral spirits to about 1 gallon of “Hard–Kote”. You will thin out the product and allow more penetrants into the floor. Apply second coat full strength after sealer coat is thoroughly dry and before 24 hours. Burnish between coats if 24 hours or more elapses between coats. New untreated concrete floors must cure a minimum of 120 days before applying this product.