For Masonry, Concrete & Brick


  • Concrete Floors and Slabs
  • Pre-cast & Poured concrete
  • Stucco
  • Brick Veneer, Fired Brick
  • Stone, Tile & Marble 

“WATER-TIGHT” is a compound formulated into porous materials and provides protection against moisture, weather, efflorescence, freeze-thaw spalling, water-borne soiling, and staining. “WATER-TIGHT” may be used on all types of concrete, stucco, plaster, stone, marble, and granite. 


Apply to dry surfaces only. Allow new concrete to fully cure before applying. Remove all loose paint, dirt, oil, grease, or foreign substances. Make sure the surface is dry and neutralized. Fill anything larger than hairline cracks with patching plaster or recommended material and allow to dry. A fog and flood method is recommended when spraying “WATER-TIGHT, Dampen first with a light fog coat to reduce surface tension. Immediately follow with a saturation coat giving the surface all it will absorb, following the estimated coverage chart.

All commercial work should be done with airless spray equipment using low pressure and a large orifice tip (pressure 20-25 psi and a tip no smaller than 0.036”). Hand spray equipment such as the Hudson type garden sprayer or a ¾” lamb’s wool roller can be used where power equipment is not feasible. Start spraying at the top of the panel or wall and make horizontal passes. Use an overlapping pattern and continue to bottom of panel. Pay particular attention to parapet walls on the sides and above rooflines. After treating concrete decks or slabs, remove any puddles that remain after one hour.

Allow to dry 72 hours. Surfaces treated with WATER-TIGHT may be painted 5 days after initial application. WATER-TIGHT may be applied over any oil-based painted surface when old paint has oxidized to the extent that moisture penetrates readily. Water-based painted surfaces may be WATER-TIGHT treated immediately after they are dry. Apply second coat where chronic peeling exists. 


Coverage Chart: (Square feet per gallon)

Concrete Floors and Slabs - 150-200

Pre-cast and poured concrete - 140-170

Stucco - 70-100

Brick Veneer, Fired Brick - 70-90

Stone, Tile and Marble - 200-250

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