Pourable Crack Filler for Blacktop and Concrete Surfaces

Krack-Filler Krack-Filler

Davies ‘Krack-Filler 100’ is excellent for filling cracks ½” wide or smaller in any blacktop or concrete surface. It dries to a hard rubber consistency, providing a crack-free surface prior to application of blacktop coating (DAVIES Black Beauty) on blacktop driveways, or concrete sealer (DAVIES Tuff-Kote & Hard-Kote) on concrete surfaces.

Proper use of ‘Krack-Filler 100’ helps eliminate freeze-thaw action on blacktop surfaces that could result in larger cracks and breaks if cracks are not filled. The cured crack sealer provides a solid base for traffic, and serves as filler prior to application of blacktop driveway coating. The one-gallon size comes with an easy-pour spout that permits easy filling if small cracks up to ½” wide. DAVIES ‘Krack-Filler 100’ has a long storage life and can be applied to any blacktop surface, with proper preparation, in temperatures of 50° F or higher.

Preparation & Application

Surface must be clean, free from loose material, dirt and dust. Crack may be cleaned with water. Shake container before using. Do not dilute. Pour into crack, which is preferably damp (not wet), filling slightly above surface. For best results do not apply when temperature is below 50°. Do not use in cracks more than ½” wide. Cracks over ½” deep require partial filling with sand prior to pouring ‘Krack-Filler 100’. Allow hardening before permitting traffic.

Do not use when rain is imminent. Must be protected from water contact for 6 hours under normal drying conditions. Keep from freezing in container.