Heavy Duty Liquid Acid Concrete Etch

  • Fast Acting
  • Prepares Concrete Floor For Sealing
  • Concentrated, Economical to Use
  • Easy to Use 

Davies “Con-Etch” is a heavy-duty concrete etch that is necessary for proper surface preparation prior to sealing (“Hard-Kote”). “Con-Etch” is a special combination of acids and cleaners that enable a complete etching. The importance of a proper surface etch is to open up concrete pores and allow “Hard-Kote” to attach more strongly to the concrete. A very smooth concrete surface is difficult to obtain good bonding.


Clean the concrete and rinse thoroughly. Add one part “Con-Etch” to 10 parts water and a plastic pail and mix well. Apply the cleaner evenly to the floor with a mop and scrub the floor with a stiff brush, scrubber or floor machine. For more severe floors, a second application or stronger solution should be used. One gallon of diluted “Con-Etch” will cover40 to 60 square feet, so one gallon of “Con-Etch” will treat (when diluted) 400 to 600 square feet, depending on concrete conditions. Operator must wear rubber boots, gloves and eye protection. Allow the “Con-Etch” to work until the fizzing action has stopped. Flush well with water and allow to dry completely prior to applying “Hard-Kote”. Check for dryness by taping a clear plastic sheet to the concrete and checking for condensation after several hours.