Concrete Sealer & Finish 

Exceptional High Gloss

High Durability

Will NOT Yellow

Easy to Use

Easy To Recoat

No Solvent Odors

Davies “Tuff-Kote” represents the culmination of acrylic-urethane research in concrete seal-finish. The product is thoroughly field tested and proven. “Tuff-Kote” applies easily over concrete, with no objectionable solvent odors. A second coat can be applied immediately after drying (approximately one hour) or at any desired, when the floor is cleaned. “Tuff-Kote” is strongly resistant to gas, oil, and hydraulic fluid, and does not yellow. 



Clean floor thoroughly with DC-99 solution (1:20) dilution for normal cleaning) and flood rinse several times. Allow to dry, and apply “Tuff-Kote” with a lamb’s wool applicator. After the floor is dry, apply a second coat if desired. To remove coating, use 1:2 dilution of “Easy-Strip” with a floor machine. 


Typical coverage is 800 – 1,200 sq. ft. per gallon of “Tuff Kote”. Second coats will cover further. 

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