• Contains Powerful Cleaning Agents for Total Grease Removal
  • Thoroughly Cleans Without Danger of Flammable Solvents
  • Penetrates and Removes Heavy Deposits of Grease and Garage Soils
  • Freshens Air with Citrus Fragrance

Davies “Citrus Scrub” is a high performing concrete cleaner, based on a meld of both established and new technology. Heavy duty builders are incorporated with active detergents, coupled with Citrus solvent to provide outstanding cleaning of oil, soil, and grease residues from concrete floors. “Citrus Scrub” is biodegradable, and can be safely flushed to drain in compliance with most wastewater regulations.


  1. Sprinkle “CITRUS SCRUB” generously over wet floor and allow three minutes for chemical action to penetrate soils. 
  2. Scrub thoroughly with DAVIES “TUFF-N-KLEEN” stiff garage brush to completely loosen soil.
  3. Flush with water for complete removal.
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