"Concrete Equipment Cleaner"

Inhibited Acid-Type Cleaner

Concrete Equipment Cleaner
  • Quickly Dissolves Concrete
  • Inhibited for Metal Protection
  • Hi-Foaming Action
  • Concentrated, Economical to Use
  • Easy to Use 

DAVIES“Concrete Equipment Cleaner” is an inhibited acid type cleaner formulated to clean and remove excess concrete build-up on ready mix trucks, mixers, and other equipment. It’s a stable formula incorporating detergents – special penetrating agents, a blend of highly effective acids with inhibitors to produce a most effective cleaning action. DAVIES “Concrete Equipment Cleaner” mixes readily with water to form a most economical cleaning solution.


Dilution rate will depend on the severity of concrete to be removed. A suggested starting dilution is 1 part to 3 to 4 parts water. For severe and heavy concrete deposits, mechanical action or reapplication may be needed. As with any acid product, this product must be used with proper care. Do not contact glass or other acid sensitive surfaces.