Concrete Plasticizer
Available in Liquid or Powder Form


“Tuff-Krete” is manufactured for use in concrete block, pipe, and precast plants. All quality block plants use a plasticizer.

“Tuff-Krete” liquid concrete plasticizer will flow readily through the automatic dispensers used on various types of mixing equipment.

“Tuff-Krete” has a special rust inhibitor incorporated to provide protection against excessive equipment corrosion.

“Tuff-Krete” does not dry and become sticky thereby causing plugged dispensers and necessitating shutdown and costly clean up. This is one of “Tuff-Krete’s” very big advantages over ordinary plasticizers available on the market. Operators also like its ability to rinse or flush off their hands and equipment. “Tuff-Krete” is non-staining.

“Tuff-Krete” usage will vary slightly depending on the mixer design and type of material used. “Tuff-Krete” is highly active with suggested starting usage of ¾ oz. of “Tuff-Krete” for each 94 lb. bag of cement, for “Tuff-Krete #300” use ¼ oz. per bag of cement. “Tuff-Krete” has the following advantages:

  • Greater ‘Green’ Strength
  • Elimination of Hairline Cracks
  • Smoother Surfaces (sheen
  • Lighter and more uniform color
  • Less Wear and Tear on equipment
  • Better Compressive Strength