"ACI #100"

Davies "ACI-l00" is an ideal product for any aluminum die cast manufacturer. Using "ACI-100" solution following any water contact operation, such as machining, washing, etc. prevents white rust formation. Many die casters have water test tanks, where leakage tests are performed. "ACI-100" can be added directly to these tanks to prevent ensuing white rust formation following testing. This product is effective for aluminum castings and also non-cast aluminum. "ACI-100" working solutions are clear and water-white, and compatible with many water conditions.


Normal use solution of "ACI-100" are ½ -2% in water, with a good starting point of 1% by volume. This is equivalent to 1 gal. "ACI-100" per 100 gal. of water. Concentration may vary due to aluminum composition, operation, part configuration, and water conditions. The concentration of "ACI-100" in water is easily tested with the Davies Dissolved Solids Meter. Aluminum parts can be immersed in "ACI-100" solution directly following machining or washing while still wet. Contact time will vary with metal type, part configuration, agitation, and degree of protection desired, and must be determined on site for the specific operation. "ACI-100" solutions are effective at room temperature, or may be heated to decrease drying time.